Going global!

This year we would like to see even more international competitors taking part in Robotex. However, we knew we were going to need some help in order to make sure that the news about Robotex reaches the furthest corners of the world. Luckily, our prayers were answered when a gentleman by the name of Sander Gansen came to our aid. In this blog we will give you a sneak peek into the adventures that await him on the road. 🙂

Making Robotex world famous!

The “modest” job description of Robotex’ International Relations Manager includes making Robotex world famous! That is why Sander will spend the next seven months travelling the world and visiting international robotics events in order to spread the word about Robotex. Sander’s travel plan includes such exotic countries like Australia, Japan, China and India. Not the worst job in the world, is it? Some fascinating events that Sander will visit include the RoboCup 2017 competition in Japan, RobotChallenge 2017 in China and World Robot Olympiad 2017 in Costa Rica.

Together towards a bigger goal

One of the goals of Robotex may be to become the biggest robotics competition in the world, but even more important is the mission of promoting the fields of robotics and engineering among children. That is why Robotex is always on the lookout for active partners with whom to develop international cooperation and therefore spread the technology “bug” to more kids across the globe. So – if you think of an awesome international robotics event that Sander should definitely visit, then let us know!


Sander GansenSander Gansen is the International Relations Manager of Robotex. He has been involved in creating and advising several startups and organizing international youth conferences. Sander likes to blog and he also gives lectures on entrepreneurship and marketing.

You can follow Sander’s Robotex adventures in his blog, Snapchat and Instagram