Robotex is back!

2017 is a year full of improvements for Robotex. In addition to a new and modern brand design we have also finally finished updating the Robotex website, many talented people have joined this year’s Robotex team and for the first time we are changing location and moving to an even bigger venue!

In this blog post we will give you a short overview of everything that’s new and exciting about Robotex 2017!


Brand new look

Let’s be honest, today’s robots are no longer squared and clunky pieces of metal assembling cars in a factory somewhere. That is why, when planning the new look of Robotex, the main goal was to break the typical robotics and mechatronics myths and stereotypes.  For many years the images for the field of robotics have included cogs and sharp and unrefined edges, but these days even robots are moving towards a more elegant and sleek design. That is why the new design solution for the Robotex brand is much more contemporary and elegant.


New location

Even though the Sports hall of Tallinn University of Technology has become a second home for many robotics enthusiasts, the venue is simply no longer big enough to fit thousands of competitors and nearly 20 thousand spectators. That is why this year we will be moving to a bigger venue! The official venue for Robotex 2017 is the Estonian Fair Centre in Tallinn.



Our team has grown by many talented young people who look forward to providing you an unforgettable Robotex experience. Here is your chance to meet all the people making this massive robotics event happen!



Ave is in charge of the ENTIRE Robotex event. Luckily she has never backed down from a challenge! Ave has organized several events, including the Estonian business idea competition Brainhunt.  In her spare time Ave likes to give back to the community by organizing the most unconventional Estonian charity event called “Duckrace”.


Marti Arak

Partnership manager

If Marti’s face seems familiar to you then that’s because he has been in charge of organizing several Robotex competitions in previous years. This year, Marti is putting his negotiation skills to work by finding Robotex new sponsors and partners.



Sander Gansen

International relations manager

Sander is in charge of making Robotex world famous! Sander visits different international robotics events and brings the best and brightest in the field of robotics to Estonia. He has been involved in creating and advising several startups and organizing international youth conferences. Sander likes to blog and he also gives lectures on entrepreneurship and marketing.


Katrin Maimik

Marketing and communications manager

Katrin’s responsibility is to make sure that information about Europe’s biggest robotics competition reaches all current and future robotics fans in Estonia and abroad. Katrin keeps herself busy by making movies, marketing different events and working at the theatre centre Vaba Lava. In her spare time she likes to go to the cinema and spend time with her child.


Johannes Kanter

Marketing specialist

Johannes’s strength is marketing and everything related to it. Among other things he is the creator of the new Robotex website. Johannes has been active in several startups, currently he is running his own digital marketing agency WINK. In his down time he likes to make music and play the guitar.




The new modern design for Robotex was born as a result of the design genius of Holger. As any proper designer, Holger likes to create bold and eye-catching solutions. As his day job, he is responsible for managing the design aspects of the digital marketing agency WINK. He is also finishing his master’s studies in TTÜ and likes to dabble in photography.


Social media specialist

Elina-Emiilie is the Robotex social media guru. Thanks to her you can constantly stay up to date and connected to Robotex on different social media platforms. She is studying business in TTÜ and also contributing her time to several student organisations. Elina-Emiilie likes to use her free time for creating art and staying active by doing sports.


Mari Kullerkup

Chief competitors coordinator

Mari is in charge of communicating with the international participants of Robotex, including inviting potential new participants from other countries and supporting them while here in Estonia. Mari is also a sales manager, a mom, and if there is spare time, a motorcyclist.



Contests coordinator

Allar updates the competition rules, designs and builds competition arenas and makes sure everything goes smoothly. Allar has competed in Robotex starting from 2010. He is currently studying engineering in the University of Southampton. Allar likes sports and is also active in the student formula project.



Priit Norak

Contests coordinator

Priit has completed the BAFF leadership training in America and represented Estonia in an international science fair. He is also building his own company 3DKoda and teaching robotics for school students. Priit has won a few Robotex competitions alongside Allar and Karl-Tanel and is now helping with organizing the competitions. Priit is also active in the TTÜ student satellite project and enjoys an occasional bike ride.


Contests coordinator

Karl-Tanel makes the third and final member of the contests coordinator team. Luckily the three are more than used to working together, having participated as a team in many Robotex competitions. Karl-Tanel has also been a robotics instructor. He has been working with 3D-printing and has given workshops in that field. Currently he is studying in the University of Tartu, likes sports and spends his time reading.




Each year new and exciting challenges are added to the Robotex program and this year will be no different. More about the competition program for 2017 will be revealed in this blog so stay tuned! In order to stay up to date on the freshest Robotex info you can subscribe to our newsletter and pre-register for Robotex 2017!

Robotex 2017 will take place 24-26 November in the Estonian Fair Centre, Pirita tee 28, Tallinn.