A great gift for Estonia’s 100th bday!

For Estonia’s 100-year anniversary, Robotex wishes to give the gift of hosting a spectacular robotics event, with a record number or participating robots.  


Robotex 2017 will be the biggest yet – we’re moving to a bigger venue, we’re collaborating with more partners to bring you even more innovative solutions, and – most importantly – we’re becoming much more international! All so we could put Estonia on the map as a serious robotics country!

That is why, this year, we are giving away 100 Makeblock robotics kits to 100 Estonian schools! The Makeblock mBot is a popular platform, which is compatible with LEGO constructors and therefore offers endless possibilities to build and explore. The heart of the Makeblock mBot is the widely used Arduino Uno controller. As there are still more robotics fans than robots in Estonia, we hope that our gift will help more kids get a chance to build and compete with their own robot at Robotex.

As the number of participants in Robotex competitions grows each year, we are hoping to get the official title of “World’s Biggest Robotics Competition” in time to celebrate Estonia’s 100th anniversary!