The biggest robotics festival on the planet

for the first time in Athens - on the 4th and 5th of April 2020 at the Serafeio Center Athens

What is Robotex

Robotex is the world’s largest series of robotics festival. It currently runs in 10+ countries, and we are on our way to making it 20+ by 2021. It attracts tens of thousands of visitors, from almost 50 different countries. Next April we’re bringing it to Athens!

Check out the video from Robotex Estonia


The competitions are the heart of the festival, and they provide rhythm and fun for the whole family. They are based on internationally accepted standards, and thus offer the opportunity for open competition.


A great chance for kids, youth, their parents and other visitors to learn more about robotics, and related technologies. The workshops will be practical and will cater to all ages.


Researchers, engineers, and business peoples will share their insights and experience with the public in relevant presentations and discussions.


This is a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see robots and other creations, and to talk to the people and teams who design and make them.